Modern Web Application Architecture: Types, Components, Layers

web application architecture best practices

You can retain messages for extended periods between 1 minute and 14 days. The ability to decouple app components helps to achieve high performance. The compatibility with other AWS products helps you to integrate it with existing infrastructure easily.

Multiple servers

Looking at the complexity and its importance in the future, it becomes essential for businesses to understand the web application architecture diagram. Therefore, for the benefit of our readers, we have analyzed each component separately. The architecture of your software mirrors the applications you build. This interpretation of Conway’s law demonstrates the importance of web application architecture during development.

Web app server

If you need both a web and a mobile app, they can use the same API, saving development time and effort. The client-side or frontend architecture manages everything your users see and interact with, directly impacting the user experience. Below, you’ll find the technologies most frequently used in web application development. A skilled software architect will mix and match them to form optimal architectures depending on the needs and size of the project.

web application architecture best practices

User Interface (UI)

On the downside, the ReactJS development environment is highly dynamic, so developers should proactively monitor the changes and quickly adapt new skills to leverage React. A critical area of concern is that ReactJS focuses on the UI part, and you need to depend on other libraries for client-side functionalities. However, developers should be careful about the security as the code is executed on the client side, which hackers can sometimes exploit. HTML or Hypertext Markup Language is a popular standard markup language that enables developers to structure web page contents using a series of page elements. Developed by Tim Berners-lee and released in 1993, HTML quickly evolved and became the standard markup language globally. Settling on an architecture is one thing; choosing the technical solution to implement it is another.

web application architecture best practices

The key takeaway is that the only “right” choice is the one that matches your business needs. Use the criteria we’ve listed to evaluate your options and select the modern app architecture that works best for you. Contact us—we’d love to discuss your unique web app development needs, based on our ten years of experience and work with over 20 long-term product partners.

  1. As a solution architect, I am responsible for both the technical and business teams.
  2. In some cases, elements of multiple architectures may need to be combined.
  3. As technology evolves at a rapid pace, so does web application architecture.
  4. Of course, it is designed to function efficiently while meeting its specific needs and goals.

Developers are freed from worrying about server hardware specifications, maintenance, or upgrades, allowing them to focus on creating high-quality code. Microservices architecture breaks down an application into a collection of smaller, interconnected services instead of a single monolithic structure. Each service is self-contained and performs a specific business function.

The applications differ in complexity and functionality, and the number of layers and components changes accordingly. It may happen that an app is so simple that it works as a monolith, storing all the web application design architecture in one place. The success of a modern web application is always closely connected to its architecture. Keeping pace with changing requirements is a challenging task and a minor mistake can cost you the life of your product.

In addition, it also significantly improves the overall data integrity as data will go through the app server, which is the one that decides exactly how and by whom data will be accessed. This amazing perk is an easy and cost-effective solution in case of new company management. It’s possible to say that this modern web app architecture is the safest and most secure one. It can be explained by the fact that the client doesn’t access the data directly.

Applying security protocols and policies not only secures your data and environment but it also helps you easily manage audit tasks and comply with government regulations. Multimedia processing, live streaming, chatbots, CI Pipelines, IoT sensor messages, etc. are some of the use cases for serverless computing. Read our blog on the best programming languages to develop your application.

For instance, the startup owner can focus on the experience of competitors and take into account their weaknesses when designing a web app architecture with their development team. To build a web application, you can start with an experienced freelance developer who will help you architect your project. If you’re looking for cost-effective options, consider hiring a senior-level programmer on Just send us a talent request and get the work on your project started within two weeks. To convey the idea to all parties concerned, you’ll have to build a web application architecture diagram. Such diagrams help to visualize internal dependencies between different parts of the software.

A caching system is a local database that allows users to quickly access information without having to communicate with the database each time. In addition to transmitting data, a web server can help organizations manage traffic by adding an extra layer at the front and back. It also improves database security by routing requests through the web server, preventing direct access to the database. Each layer in web application architecture works independently, making it simple to manage, scale, and develop the architecture simultaneously. Don’t let the name mislead you – serverless doesn’t mean that there are no servers.

Microservices are a prime example of modern web application architecture since they offer exceptional scalability, flexibility, and agility. Drawing from over a decade of experience with various applications, we created this guide to help you avoid common pitfalls. We aim to provide a clear approach to designing web app architecture, enabling you to build a solid foundation for your software. Serverless architecture centers around a cloud service provider managing the server infrastructure.

Containers also feature in web application architecture best practices, as they let developers package applications and their dependencies into portable units. Containers share the host operating system’s kernel, which makes them more lightweight and efficient. Containerization also promotes consistency, as units run similarly in all environments. The downside is that working with separate modules across multiple servers can be demanding.

It is because Uber connects its application servers to Google Maps via specific APIs, allowing you to use Google Maps and track the taxi’s location within the application. This approach works great for apps focused on providing one service (e.g. Google Maps) or continuously updating content (a social media app). As we have noted from the start, this is just a simplified architecture diagram for web application that gives a general idea of what a web app consists of. You have to consider many things before choosing web application architecture for your project.

Multiple web servers, one database model reduces the risk of data failure as a backup server is always available if one server goes down. However, the chances of the website crash may still exist due to the availability of only one database. Fear not, in this blog, we will be addressing everything you need to know. Deployment automated is a key part of a DevOps CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment) environment. A CI/CD environment includes tools that help developers build, test, and deploy software quickly and repeatedly. Deployment automation is a practice that helps reduce errors in software development and allows for code to be tested and deployed without human intervention.

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